We have a strong volunteer network working together on sustainable development and keeping a check on Human Rights.


Within the framework of the American Human Rights Society, the AHR Volunteers (AHRV) Initiative was launched in 2011 to mobilize and involve young people and youth organizations in World preservation.


To raise awareness among young people, volunteers, local communities, and concerned authorities of the need to protect and promote the environment.

To get young people involved in World preservation through concrete projects at sites, allowing them to learn new skills and express ideas.

Provide young people with opportunities to learn basic preservation and conservation techniques.

Foster cooperation between youth organizations, communities, site management and authorities.

Identify best practices and develop non-formal education tools to facilitate stakeholders’ participation in World Heritage education.



Since the initiative has reached a new phase of development where it has become an essential youth-involved volunteer initiative, AHR Volunteer program is now coordinated in collaboration with CCIVS and regional coordination by European Heritage Volunteers and Better World.
AHR Centre is responsible for the overall AHR VOLUNTEER Volunteers initiative by direction and supervision of the whole coordination.

European Heritage Volunteers, as a branch of Open Houses, has been in charge of regional coordination in Europe since 2014.

CCIVS is responsible for the global coordination of the initiative and in charge of regional coordination in Africa, Arab States and Latin America.

Better World has been in charge of regional coordination in Asia since 2015.

In common, all coordinators are responsible to promote the initiative, assist the participating organisations and evaluate their action camps as the regional coordinators.

As each coordinator has played a role in a platform to communicate between World Heritage Centre and the organisations participating in AHR Volunteers, the organisations which are interested in the action camps for World Heritage Volunteers are required to contact with each regional coordinator directly.

(Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service)





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